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Active Directory Import, Document Library and Topics

  Asked By: Jyoti    Date: Feb 16    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 1366

A few questions related to SPS 2003:

1. In SPS 2003 can I do an active directory import just for a specified
group of users - select the users I want to import? Or will the import
automatically include all users in the domain unless I filter to import
the users from a specific Organisational Unit?

2. I have created a portal on http://servername:2001
<http://servername:2001/> and there is a document library for this
portal at http://servername:2001/Document%20Library - does Sharepoint
add a link to this document library somewhere? Can I create a link next
to the "Sites" area link called "Documents" where user's can go to
access the document library? The document library seems to be hidden
away at the moment.

3. Can I "switch off" topics? When we rolled out SPSv1 all our users
found Categories confusing - basically when we attempted to use
categories the structure just ended up identical to the Document Library
structure in most cases and therefore to "disable" categories we removed
all category web parts and removed access to the Categories dashboard
from everyone. Can I do something similar in SPSv2?

4. Our SPSv1 rollout consisted of 3 portals - one for each division of
the company. We only used SPS and not STS. Each large department or
project had a dashboard on the relevant portal which listed the contents
of there departments document library folder, departmental/project quick
links etc. I am trying to decide the best way to implement SPS 2003. I
don't want to use the backward compatible document library. My thinking
at the moment is to create a portal for each division and a team site
for each large department or project. There are some small
departments/teams which would only need a document library folder so
they don't really warrant a team site - so I could perhaps create a
folder in the top level document library to hold there documents? But
how can I ensure that all this is user friendly and easy to navigate (I
think topics will make navigation more confusing). Is there a web part
available which lists the contents of a specific document library
folder? Any comments on this are welcome.



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Answer #1    Answered By: Mark Davis     Answered On: Feb 16

4. Our SPSv1 rollout consisted of 3 portals ...

Internally, Microsoft uses a similar approach for organizing its central
intranet portal and business and group portals.


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