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Accessing parent list from child site - SP2010

  Date: May 29    Category: Sharepoint 2010    Views: 4908

I am trying to pull a list from a parent site in 2010 from a web part on a child
site. Supposedly I can do this with a DVWP in SPD, but the only thing available
are the lists in the child site. Is there a switch I have to flip to allow this
to happen?



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Answer #1    Answered On: May 29    

I have not tried it, BUT, I "heard" MS disabled the ability to "see" lists in
other sites while using SPD in 2010. However, the same source said you still
can config a DVWP to get the other site list by just typing in the URL.

Seems crazy, but .......

Answer #2    Answered On: May 29    

I'll try typing in the URL in SPD.

Answer #3    Answered On: May 29    

I tried that, no joy. It seems crazy that if an organization has a master list
for this like personnel, divisions, etc that I would have to re-create the list
in each sub-site. That's part of what makes SP so great, is to consume those
resources that already exist. Maybe I'm missing something! Someone please tell
me what it is!

Answer #4    Answered On: May 29    

Have you tried the content query web part? It gives you the ability to
display content from other sites.

Answer #5    Answered On: May 29    

Yes, but that pulls in the whole site, and all I want is the list and content.

Answer #6    Answered On: May 29    

You can choose a single list with a cqwp.

Answer #7    Answered On: May 29    

Ok, I will check that out. Thanks!

Answer #8    Answered On: May 29    

There is a list you can get on codeplex that will let you tie into any list in
the site collection:


right into a folder in a list or library.

Answer #9    Answered On: May 29    

You could create a Rest Datasource to access the list in another site (or even
another sitecollection/webapp!) as outlined here:

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