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Accessibility API

  Asked By: Harshita    Date: Sep 29    Category: MOSS    Views: 1343

At my current client we are developing a portal site using MOSS. Part of the deliverables is to address the WCAG Priority 1 requirements. For the most part, most of the interface elements respond correctly when accessibility mode is turned on. However, they have developed a custom main navigation control along the top which navigates the user to subsites (nothing new there). What they also added was a checkbox on the right side of the navigation control to turn off/on mouse-over submenus. When accessibility mode is turned on, these menus *should* function like the site actions menu; when the box checked, the mouse-overs still shows the mouse-over menus and they probably should not. My initial thought is to disallow the checking of this box when accessibility mode is turned on. The follow on to this would be to show the pop-up page with the links listed out, much like the site actions button does in acessibility mode. To my first point, I see there is a javascript method available, IsAccessibilityFeatureEnabledProxy() in core.js, which will allow me to determine client side if accessibility is turn on/off. Is there an equivalent in the object model that will allow me to determine this server side? I quickly looked through the documentation and could not find anything. Also, is there something out of the box with MOSS that will give me the ability to list the links out on a pop-up page or do I have to code that up myself?



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Answer #1    Answered By: Kaila Hahn     Answered On: Sep 29

There is no server-side API call. The javascript  method to turning accessibility  mode on/off writes a cookie to the user's machine. Since accessibility mode  is turned  on/off only with Javascript, there is no post-back on the page  and anything server-side is useless if one is trying to take action on the screen when the mode is switched.

In terms of getting custom  controls to function  like the Site Actions button  with accessibility mode turned on/off, one needs to handle that functionality by actually adding it into the custom control.

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