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Access Denied error when trying to create a Page

  Asked By: Erik    Date: Apr 06    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 3545

I have a site structure:

Home (site)
Products & Services (subsite 1)
Marketing (subsite 11)

I created different Group Owners for each subsite. Now a user, even
with "Owner" permission (Full Control Permission Level) at subsite 11
is unable to create new a Publishing Page. He gets an Access Denied

Funny thing is that the user is able to edit the Publishing Pages in
the Pages library. He is also able to create new subsites underneath
the subsite 11!!

Any ideas?



5 Answers Found

Answer #1    Answered By: Faith Delgado     Answered On: Apr 06

Master pages  resides in root, this user  don't have access  to master
page. Try giving this user access to master page  and page
layouts..Just read only is good enough.

Answer #2    Answered By: Dara Hobbs     Answered On: Apr 06

I've seen situations where site  collection owners  are given Limited
Rights. You might want to check and see if this is the case for this

Answer #3    Answered By: Abhinivesh Suvarna     Answered On: Apr 06

I have the same problem. Users with full  control to the subsite  where
not able to create  new article pages. ( Access denied  message)

Only site  collection owners  are able to add new acticle pages.

Anybody an idea on how to fix it?

Answer #4    Answered By: Micheal Knight     Answered On: Apr 06

What level  do the subsite  owners have at the site  collection? In v2
there were times you could get into to trouble if someone had full
control of the subsite, but no access  to the rootweb. They need access
to the rootweb to read stuff from Site Collection galleries that are
stored there. Can you confirm that they have to be a Site Collection
owner to create  a subsite? Is it possible that they could do it with a
subset of those privileges?

Answer #5    Answered By: Yvonne Rodriquez     Answered On: Apr 06

Home (site)
|__Products & Services (subsite 1)
|__Marketing (subsite 11)

After playing around several security settings, I got it to work:
My requirement is that I wanted to create  a group  that could do pretty
much everything, except make subsites. So, I created  a Site
Permission (called "Owner - Limited") with all permissions except the
ability to create a new site. Then I created a group with this site
permission, and added a user  to this group. Now members can pretty
much do anything at this site  level, except create subsites.

Then I added all authenticated users to the "Style Resource Readers"
group at "Home". This is the crucial step. From then on, users with
"Owner - Limited" permission  level could create new pages.

But now, this user cannot edit  the default page  of the site, unless I
explicitly grant permission to this page from the the pages  document

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