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Access denied error accessing subsites from url

  Asked By: Caleb    Date: Feb 26    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 9632

I am having problem with users getting "Access Denied Error" for subsites in

I would like to allow them access to ONLY the subsite.

Here is the scenario :

There is a subsite that several users need access to.

So, I have a site called http://esportal/SiteA/M6

There is a subsite called http://SP2007/SiteA/M6/M61

I want the users to be able to go directly to http://SP2007/SiteA/M6/M61 URL and
have access, and get access denied if they go to http://esportal/SiteA/M6 .

I am assigning the users to the M61(the subsite) owner groups. But until I
put the users in as (at minimum) visitor to http://esportal/SiteA/M6 they
cannot access the subsite. They will get the "Access denied Error" . I have also
set up the subsite not to inherit master page or style sheet (not inherit from
parent) ,also removed the inheritence from the parent site.But did not resolve
the issue.

And one thing we observed is that if a user with an adminstratoive right has
logged in once in the morning to any of these sites, another user will not get
the error on the subsite for a while, even when the user with admin rights loggs

Could anyone suggest what I need to do to resolve thsi problem.

When I googled I have seen that other people have posted this problen
but did not see any solution.



3 Answers Found

Answer #1    Answered By: Alexandra Lewis     Answered On: Feb 26

When you say that you've setup the subsite  to "Not Inherit" the master  page
from the parent site  I assume that means that you are using Publishing. If
so then users  will need certain access  rights to certain lists and libraries
in the top level site. When you set it to "Not Inherit" the master page
from the parent  site you picked a specific master page. But if you check
closely you will find that all the master pages available to be picked in
that dialog reside in the top level site master page  gallery. There is no
way short of hard coding every page using SharePoint Designer to have the
site use a master page other than one stored in the top level site if
Publishing is turned on. So you need to give users read access to the
Master page gallery and other lists like the Style Library in the top level
site. They don't need access to the site itself or the Pages document
library in the top level site, but they do need access to the master page
gallery and some other specific lists because the sub sites  use those

Answer #2    Answered By: Himanta Barthakur     Answered On: Feb 26

Make sense.It resolved my issue........

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