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Access Denied when attempting to setup Alert

  Asked By: Elliot    Date: Dec 05    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 5653

I've run into a situation where users are getting an Access Denied
error when attempting to setup an Alert on a list. Here is
situation...they have Read permissions to the list but not to the site
in which the list resides. The only way I can get them to a point of
being able to setup an Alert is to give them at least "read"
permissions on the actual site. We only want them to have access to
the list, so this has become a problem for us.

Is this truly how this should work? It seems odd to me that someone
cannot setup an Alert on a list they have permissions to.

Am I missing something here?



2 Answers Found

Answer #1    Answered By: Kundan Jambhale     Answered On: Dec 05

We are still trying to determine if this is how SharePoint is intended
to work  in this situation. Does someone have to have at least "Read"
permissions to a site  to be able to setup  an Alert on a list?

We have users  that have access  to a list, but not the whole site. They
are not able to setup Alerts on the list  in which they have access to.
They get an "Access Denied" message. I can get this to work for them
when I grant them read  permissions to the site, but this is not what we

Any thoughts on this?

Answer #2    Answered By: Alyssa Butler     Answered On: Dec 05

If anyone was curious...I got a response back from Microsoft on this
situation. They stated that an individual must have at-least "Read"
permissions on the site  before they can setup  an Alert to a list
within that specific site. They claim this is "by design". I'm not
sold on that response. I feel that if an individual has permissions
to a list, they should be able to setup an Alert for that list  (no
matter if they have permissions  on the site or not).

Furthermore, this lead us to try having a site administrator sign
those individuals up for Alerts on that list. This works just fine.
Those individuals get the initial email stating that an Alert has
been setup for them. The problem  is, they will never actually
receive an Alert notification because they don't have permissions on
the site.

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