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404 Redirect in MOSS

  Asked By: Jody    Date: Sep 27    Category: MOSS    Views: 4808

We are migrating users from one MOSS portal to another, and renaming
the new portal to have the same name as the old one. Most, if not
all of the relative URLs have changed, so to help people we want to
use a custom 404 error page that performs a search on the site URL
they entered. This worked well in Dev, but is not working on our new
production portal, and testing shows it works inconsistently in
various portal instances we have tried. If anyone can shed light on
why the method we have tried works inconsistently, or more to the
point, can tell us a method that will work reliably, I'd be very

Here's what we did:

We found that IIS custom error pages are ignored in a web app
extended by SharePoint. We found a file on the file system
in /layouts/1033 called sps404.html. On one of our servers,
replacing this file with a page that redirects to the custom search
page as described above worked fine, but on the production portal, it
completely ignores this page. All we get there when we enter an
invalid URL is a plain "404 NOT FOUND".

Any ideas on why this doesn't work, what this file is there for, and
what the best method is to accomplish our goal?



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