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2003 Custom Web Part - Error Accessing User Control Property

  Asked By: Jayshree    Date: Nov 13    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 2956

I've successfully created a user control that's dynamically added to a
custom web part (yes, despite my being over 100 years old ...). Having
taken Todd Bleeker's developer course certainly helped with all of this.

Problem is, I'm hitting an error when attempting to access a public
property on the user control from within the web part's
CreateChildControls method:

The "xyz" Web Part appears to be causing a problem.. (w/ link to
maintenance page)
Server Event Log: Event ID 1000 - Security error.

Strange since I believe I'm casting the object variable properly, where
Intellisense kicks in just as I'd expect to show my user control's
public properties. And as you can imagine, things work great when
wrapped in a standard ASP.NET page, taking SharePoint out of the loop.

I really want to store the property in the web part framework, pass it
to the user control at run time to avoid hard-coding values in code.

I'm running the assemblies from the /bin directory, not GAC -- Could
this be the issue? Other suggestions?



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