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Add Web Parts to Site

Posted By: Wanda Petersen     Category: Sharepoint     Views: 12281

This article will explain you about what is Web Part and how can we add a web part to sharepoint site. In this article we are using Sharepoint web part to add to Sharepoint site. This article doesn't demonstrate custom web part, please refer this tutorial series to know, how can we create custom web part in sharepoint.

Before adding web part to sharepoint site, lets understand what is web part.

What is Web Part?

Web Part is components that can be installed and customised easily by end users of a Sharepoint page.

Two main types of Web Part

1. Sharepoint In-built Web Part - Web Part which are included in Windows Sharepoint Services are called Sharepoint In-built Web Part.

Example of Sharepoint Web Part

  • Image Web Part - Displays a picture.
  • Announcement Web Part - Displays active announcements.
  • Calendar Web Part - Displays upcoming events.
  • Links Web Part - Displays your Favourtie Links


2. Custom Web Part - Web Part which is created by User is called Custom Web Part

Developers generally develop web part in order to display custom functionality.

Example of Custom web part

  • Displaying weather report.
  • Displaying Stock Quote of Selected Shares


This article will discuss only how to add Sharepoint In-built Web Part, please continue reading this tutorial series to know how to create custom web part.


Steps for Adding new web part to sharepoint site

Step 1: Open the page in Edit Mode.  To open page in edit mode click on "Site Action" on right hand side and select "Edit Page" from drop-down list.


Step 2: View Sharepoint Site in Edit Mode.  As soon as you clicked on "Edit Page" you will able to view sharepoint site in edit mode.


Step 3: Click on "Add a Web Part Link"

Lets try adding Sharepoint Image Web Part, for adding Sharepoint Image Web Part click on "Add a Web Part" link from column which you would like to add web part.  It will open Add Web Part - Dialog box.


Step 4: Select Web Part to Add.  As we already have decided that we are going to add Image Web Part, lets select Image Web Part which is under "Miscellaneous" section of Add Web Part - Dialog box and click Add button.


Step 5:  After adding Image Web Part, Edit mode of Sharepoint Site looks as under.


Step 6: Image Web Part without Image looks dull, lets add some Images to feel good.

Click on "Open the tool pane" link in Image Web Part in Edit mode.

As you click the link, Edit mode of page will now allow you to add image

You need to type Image Url in Image Link Text box, you can test image path using Test Link.  Ones you are done simply press OK button to see the newly added image.


Step 7: As we are done with adding new Image Web Part to sharepoint site you can Press "Exit Edit Mode", which is under "Site Action" on Right hand side,  in order to view the Sharepoint Site with New Image Web Part.

And finally your Sharepoint site with newly added Image Web Part


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Wanda Petersen
Wanda Petersen author of Add Web Parts to Site is from Denver, United States. Wanda Petersen says Hello Everyone,

My Name is Wanda. I am from Denver, Colorado.

I work for HP.

In my current project I have extensive experience in Sharepoint, Asp.net, C# and JQuery. I also have good understanding of SQL Server, Active Directory, Administration.

I have done certification in Sharepoint.

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Happy Programming :)
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