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What is Site and Site Collection

Posted By: Wanda Petersen     Category: Sharepoint     Views: 7763

This article will explains you what is Site and Site Collection in Sharepoint. It will also give you basic idea of what is difference between Site and Site Collection in Sharepoint.

What is Site
  • Site is a collection of web pages which is used to store information in organised way.
  • Site stores list of documents, discussion, events, task and many other types of information.
  • Site provides controlled access to share information among user.  i.e. Only Authorize users are allowed to access shared information.

What is Site Collection
  • Site Collection is collection of sharepoint site.  i.e. Sharepoint site collection is logical grouping of multiple sharepoint site.

Example illustrating difference between site and site collection.
Look following hearchical diagram. 

Here "ABC Company" is site collection.  i.e. Root site connecting multiple sub site.

And All department site are called Sharepoint site.

You will understand in more details about how to create site as we move forward through this sharepoint tutorial series.


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Wanda Petersen
Wanda Petersen author of What is Site and Site Collection is from Denver, United States. Wanda Petersen says Hello Everyone,

My Name is Wanda. I am from Denver, Colorado.

I work for HP.

In my current project I have extensive experience in Sharepoint, Asp.net, C# and JQuery. I also have good understanding of SQL Server, Active Directory, Administration.

I have done certification in Sharepoint.

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