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Sharepoint Example

Posted By: Jordon Willis     Category: Sharepoint     Views: 12931

Understanding Sharepoint through example. This article will also explain what is Sharepoint and how it is useful in day to day life.

What is Sharepoint?

Sharepoint is a website wherein team members can collaborate each other by sharing documents, emails, status of work order, calendar and much more.

Practical Example, Where Sharepoint can be used.

Consider an example of Small Company which maintains two Projects

Lets assume each Project has 25 Team Members
  • Project1 - 25 Team Members
  • Project2 - 25 Team Members

While working on Project Team Members start sharing emails, documents, schedule meetings, initiate task which require approvals, train people, share knowledge and more...

As time passes, following problem started arising in team

Problem without Sharepoint
  • Sharing of documents using email between different team members
  • Different team members have different version of same documents.
  • Workflow of task is manual and it is time consuming.
  • There are so many schedules and it is difficult to get everyone together.
  • Lack of clear communication between team members.

Microsoft Sharepoint Solves all above day to day life problem and helps companies to collaborate efficiently.

Please refer this sharepoint tutorial to know how it can be achieved.

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Jordon Willis
Jordon Willis author of Sharepoint Example is from New York, United States. Jordon Willis says

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