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What is Picture Library and How to create Picture Library

Posted By: Wanda Petersen     Category: Sharepoint     Views: 6111

This article will explains you what is Picture Library in Sharepoint and How to create Picture Library.

Picture Library is a single shared location, where in members can share pictures, view pictures, edit pictures, and also download pictures.

Example:  Let say your company had yearly Team meeting, during this meeting your employees have clicked number of pictures.  So by creating Picture library employee can share and view pictures which was clicked during yearly team meeting.


Creating Picture Library

Step 1: Open sharepoint site and on main page click on "View All Site Content".


Step 2: Check whether any picture library is available, if you want to add pictures to existing library.  We are trying to create new library so lets click on "Create" link.


Step 3: On create page you can select "Picture Library" under Libraries menu list.


Step 4: On clicking "Picture Library" link on create page, you will be taken to Create New Picture Library page.  Type a new name as you want it to appear in headings and links throughout the site. Type descriptive text that will help site visitors use this picture library.   Here we are trying to share pictures of yearly team meeting, so lets type name "Yearly Team Meeting" + Year so that we person can easily come to know what pictures this library consist of, and few words to describe what this picture library can contain.

Step 5: Select "Navigation"  as we wish to display picture library in Left Quick launch menu link, select "Yes" Option.  And select "No" Option for "Incoming Email" as we do not wish to add pictures to picture library using email.

Step 6: Select "No" option for picture history version, as we do not wish to keep history of picture library. 

Note: Versioning enables you to store, track, and restore items in a list and files in a picture library as they are changed.

Step 7: Press create button, to create picture library.



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Wanda Petersen
Wanda Petersen author of What is Picture Library and How to create Picture Library is from Denver, United States. Wanda Petersen says Hello Everyone,

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