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How to insert a new List Item using SharePoint Object Model

Posted By: Destin Joy     Category: Sharepoint     Views: 335718

Here sample code to insert to a sharepoint list item

using(SPSite mySite = new SPSite("yourserver"))
using(SPWeb myWeb = mySite.OpenWeb())
SPList interviewList = myWeb.Lists["listtoinsert"];
SPListItem newItem = interviewList.Items.Add();
newItem["interview"] = "interview";



Destin Joy
Destin Joy author of How to insert a new List Item using SharePoint Object Model is from Pathanamthitta, India. Destin Joy says

 Hello Everyone,

I am Destin Joy from India I have MCPD in SharePoint 2010, MCTS SharePoint 2010 application development and MCTS in SharePoint 2007. I am mostly working in  core part of SharePoint (2010-2007) and passionate about new Microsoft technologies. Born and brought up in Kerala You can reach me  @ Destin.Joy@hotmail.com


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Divya Priya from India Comment on: Feb 11
Inserting new List Item using SharePoint Object Model is very useful and informative article. Very happy to read your blog. I got many useful information. Thanks for making good time with your blog.


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