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New features and advancements in sharepoint 2010

Posted By: Battula Srinivasareddy     Category: Sharepoint 2010     Views: 3666

sharepoint 2010 new features and advancements

sharepoint 2010 is a business collabration platform for enterprise and the web.
As a part of this product we focus on the following three areas for it professionals.
1 flexible deployment
2.IT professional  productivity
3 Scalable unified infrastructure
1 flexible deployment:
This is one of the important concerns regarding share point 2010 which is obtained by providing a quick and simple installation and configuration process.The upgrade from sharepoint 2007 is smooth and predictable.Let’s talk about the enhancements in the flexibile  deployment area.

                so,for administrators the miller will prepare surgeon of sharepoint server that installation option for sharepoint 2010 will be very familior.
  infact a number of enhancements has been made that made the installation process easy for all the users.
 to start,microsoft has added the pre-requisite installer. before installing sharepoint 2010 ru the pre-requisite installer and it will scan the system when showed that all the components like .net framework and the required components are installed by sharepoint . if they haven't the pre-requisite installer will download and install the necessary components needed for sharepoint 2010 installation.
1  graphical  user interface
The graphical  user interface provides a step by step process where user can specify the desired configuration. by scripting the installations you can show that all your servers,running shape on servers are running identical configriations. script installs but they also advantage over the disastric of the prospective if the server were to go down sharepoint could quickly be reinstalled by using a pre-requsite created script both methods are fully support
2.Installation using script
The installation can be script using configration  files and windows power shell.
2.IT professional  productivity:
This area could be enhanced  by improving the administrative experience and by giving the adminstrator deeper operation inside this includes a new streamlined central adiminstration website and new capabilities to manage and monitor a sharepoint form
we have a new central administration site that has been redisigned in the sharepoint 2010 to provide a more familiar experience and makes it easier for the user to find what they are looking for.
the home page for central adminstration the major function areas together and lists many of the most common tasks .
   each of the major areas, application management,monitoring etc representing on the homepage and can be accessed by clicking on its name or like clicking the corresponding links fromn the navigation on the leftside of the page.
Sharepoint2010  implements  a new mode flexible share services model compared to  sharepoint server2007.The new model   is  referred to as server application.
The   service application architecture    is now into sharepoint financial services, the new version of  wss in contrast to the shared services  provider, ssp  architecture  that was the only part of office  sharepoint the key benifit here is that all the shared services are installed by default and there is no ssp setup.
3 .scalable unified infrastucture :
This includes the better control over server sources which for example the includes formings and management of flawsless and area management and protection is in high availability.
 additionally  there will be an option to have the installer pull files from the local path outstanding the trip to the internet. once the pre-requisite components have been installed, you have two options to install sharepoint 2010.

Moving into the last area , scalable  unified  infrastructure, several  features  improvement targeted  at the database level and search services helps  achieve  high availability architecture.  Sharepoint 2010 provides  the   underlined  sql server high availability  technologies like lock chipping,snaoshots  and database mirroring  and now includes automatic failure. Another features such as read only contented databases, unattached database backup and restore, and configuration database backup and restore provides much more granular control and manageability of sharepoint firm stator .
                So , as a administrator, this release as made  drastic improvements towards solution that is not only manageable but one that is easy  to maintain.
                The integration with windows powershell  allows for more administrator control or more efficient command line and improve productivity. The due central administration side   makes it easier to locate and configure settings for a environment. Sharepoint 2010   has incorporated   more performance controls , logging and reporting options as well as much desired improvement  on the native options the rewamp service application features ensure greater flexibility  which regrard  to the share services been used within the environment.
                Lastly  even the user has the better experience, the user interface is more closely related to the office application and interface that users today has great familiarity.
                I hope u will find this enhancements very exciting and will  encourage to try this out. 


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