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What is Document Library and How to Create Document Library

Posted By: Wanda Petersen     Category: Sharepoint     Views: 7789

This article will explains you what is document library in sharepoint, and how can we create document library in sharepoint in order to manage documents.

Document Library is used to create different types of document, organise documents and manage them efficiently.

Example:  Consider HR Department which are responsible for maintaining different resumes of employee across organization.  

Lets create document library to maintain resumes of employee in organization.

Step 1: Open Site under which you wish to create document library.  Here I wish to create Resumes document library under HR Department Site.

Step 2: Go to Site Actions menu on right of main page and select the menu option Create for creating new document library.

Step 3: Choose Document Library under Libraries

Step 4: Give name to New Document Library.  Here as i am trying to store resume documents in new document library i have named it Resumes.  Also fill in appropriate description.  I wish that newly created document library appears on left side quick launch menu, so I have selected Yes option, if you don't want to than choose No option.

Step 5: If you wish that documents to be added by sending email than choose the option Yes and also enter valid email id.  Document Version History allows you to create new version of document each time you edit, by that way you can recall earlier version of document to know more details about what exactly been edited or to get any missing information unintensionaly  deleted.

Step 6:  Choose types of document you would like to store.  Here we are trying to store resumes of employee which are in word format, we have selected "Microsoft Office Word document"

Step 7: Ones document library is created, you can able to view document library.  Here we have tried to create resume document library, so after succesfully creation it appears as below without containing any document.

Step 8: Now lets add documents to newly created document library.  But to organize employee's resume, lets creates different folder to classify employee with different skills.  To perform that click on New menu option and click New Folder

Step 9: Type folder name.  Here type the name of skills with which you wish to classify employees resumes.  I have created three skill set in order to classify employees resume.
  • IT Employee Resumes
  • Management Professional
  • Finance Professional
Repeat steps for creating folder to create folder for "Management Professional" and "Finance Professional"

Step 10:  Display of three folders.  

Step 11: Upload Document to document library.  Here we are uploading employees resume.  To perform that lets first upload one document by choosing the menu option Upload > Upload Document

Step 12: Click on browse button and locate document to be uploaded.  Here I have browse to Ali's resume in order upload that document.  Click on Ok button to upload document.

Step 13:  View after one document uploaded to document library.

Step 14:  Now let select the menu option Upload > Upload Multiple Documents to upload multiple documents to document library.

From left pane try to locate folder containing resumes.  Here C:\Resumes.  After you able to locate folder select list of documents you wish to upload by selecting checkbox.  To select all documents simply press Ctrl + A key,  after you are done press Ok button to upload documents.

Step 15: View after multiple documents uploaded to document library.

Step 16: Now to organize each documents and arrange all resumes based on their skill set, we would like to put each document in their respective folders.  To perform this task select Explorer View as view for document library.  You will find view on top right end of document library.

Step 17: Explorer view for document library.  Now select all IT Employees resume and drag and drop to IT Employee Folder, you can also perform operation  ctrl + x  key and ctrl + v to perform cut and paste operation.

Step 18:  After resumes are uploaded to their respective folders.  View of Finance Professional Folder.

So in this article you have learned how to create new document library, how to upload document in library and how to organise documents in document library.

Their is lot more to discuss for document library but to keep discussion simple and move through tutorial series lets end discussion here. For more example on document library search for "Document library in sharepoint" from search box on top of website.


Wanda Petersen
Wanda Petersen author of What is Document Library and How to Create Document Library is from Denver, United States. Wanda Petersen says Hello Everyone,

My Name is Wanda. I am from Denver, Colorado.

I work for HP.

In my current project I have extensive experience in Sharepoint, Asp.net, C# and JQuery. I also have good understanding of SQL Server, Active Directory, Administration.

I have done certification in Sharepoint.

I am here to expand my technical network to receive more opportunity in my career, make friends to discuss complex technical problem, learn and share my knowledge, If you like to be my friend, Please send me friend request.

Happy Programming :)
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