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What is Contacts and How to create Contacts

Posted By: Wanda Petersen     Category: Sharepoint     Views: 13248

This article will explains you what is Contacts in Sharepoint and how to create contacts list in sharepoint.

Contacts in sharepoint is similar to conctact list available in many popular software's such as Outlook Express.  Contact list is used to create conctact list when you want to manage information about people that your team works such as Team member, Customers, Support group, Business analyst group, etc.  You can share Information between your contact list and windows sharepoint services compatible contacts program.

Lets create new contact list to manage contact information of people you wish to contact frequently.

Step 1: Open sharepoint site and on main page click on "View All Site Content".

Step 2: We are trying to create new Contacts list so lets click on "Create" link.

Step 3: On create page you can select "Contacts" under Communications menu list.

Step 4: Fill the necessary information for Name and Description of Contact List.  Its always good to maintain Contact list based on project so that people belongs to different project can be easily contact from contact list.  Ones you are done filling contact list information, click on "Create" button to create new contact list.

Step 5: Ones contact list is created it looks as under.  You can than add contacts one by one.

Step 6: To add new contact, click on "New" menu link item and click on "New Item" from sub menu item.

Step 7:  On clicking "New Item" you are been taken to create new contact item page.  Here you can fill in Information about New contact and Press "OK" button to save information.

Step 8: New contact will now appear in contact list.

Step 9: You can export all contact details from sharepoint to outlook express.  To do so click on "Action" Menu item and select "Connect to Outlook" sub menu item.

Step 10: Click "Yes" on pop-up dialog box to create new contact list within outlook express.

Step 11:  Outlook will create New Contact list as it was in sharepoint.

Step 12:  You can view the original contact list of outlook express is still available.

You can also edit multiple contact in spreedsheet view to fasten the process.  We will discuss more about Contact list later in example article series. 

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Wanda Petersen
Wanda Petersen author of What is Contacts and How to create Contacts is from Denver, United States. Wanda Petersen says Hello Everyone,

My Name is Wanda. I am from Denver, Colorado.

I work for HP.

In my current project I have extensive experience in Sharepoint, Asp.net, C# and JQuery. I also have good understanding of SQL Server, Active Directory, Administration.

I have done certification in Sharepoint.

I am here to expand my technical network to receive more opportunity in my career, make friends to discuss complex technical problem, learn and share my knowledge, If you like to be my friend, Please send me friend request.

Happy Programming :)
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