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  Question Asked By: Juana Daugherty   on Oct 05 In Sharepoint Category.

Question Answered By: Mackenzie Lewis   on Oct 05

I'm trying to provide the ability to attach a document during a
workflow task. The scenario is:

- a programmer is working in a task  list.

- There is a seperate document library set up to contain all the
historical documents for a project

- There is a workflow  set up that will move all the project related
information to the document library for propery taxonomy. (I.e.
project name, task name, due date etc.)

- We want to provide the ability for the programmer to fire up a
workflow that will create a new document record in the doocument
library, and then attach a seperate document form  a file system via a
browse/upload mechanism.

- How do you include the ability to attach a file in a workflow based
on a list, that is creating a new item in a documnet library, with
an attachment  that is uploaded during the workflow?


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