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  Question Asked By: Reynaldo Underwood   on Jan 09 In Sharepoint Category.

Question Answered By: Glenda Roth   on Jan 09

I am glad someone else is seeing this as well. We have 3
wfes,1 app server, and an active/passive sql cluster. And yes, we
see the exact same thing. For the most part the servers seem to
still respond fine but you can not do anything with IIS manager  or
directly with the services. The only answer we have found is reboot.
BTW, when this non-responsive condition occurs, it does on multiple

For the write protected memory issue. We have a theory on it that we
discovered trying to implement the symantech sharepoint  backup
solution. We found that the VSS writers were hanging causing the
backups to fail. MS very recently released a OS patch the fix the
vss writer error(dont know the actual number) and it has appreared to
fix the bad memory error message.



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