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  Question Asked By: Ganesh Kulkarni   on Jun 05 In Sharepoint Category.

Question Answered By: Amanda Lewis   on Jun 05

I think you might be confusing what content  types are and what they do.
Content types  allow you to classify documents by the type  of metadata that
you wish to collect about them. This metadata is defined by the columns that
you create and then attach to the content type. This could be something such
as Title, Date modified, etc. A child content type will then inherit all the
columns that are defined for the parent content type and allow you to add
additional columns for data you wish to collect about the child object. You
can have any number of children content types inheriting from the same
parent, but having their own unique columns added. Each content type has a
default document template that loads when you create a document of that
content type. For these forms, that template would be a blank version of
whatever form  you needed filled out.

Now, how does this apply to your situation? If I understand correctly what
you are trying to do, you have multiple  categories of HR Forms, each
category then has multiple forms. The way I see it, you have a couple of
solutions. 1 - Create a content type for each specific form. This, as you
have noted, will show up on the New button of the library as individual
choices and not in a hierarchy.

Another way to handle this would be to have your basic content type for the
HR form, which would bring up a dynamic  form that is created with Infopath,
(or some other form designer) that would present the required fields to the
user within the form based on choices  they make. As for trying to create
some type of cascading menu selection, I know of no way to do this. Perhaps
something could be coded, but I'm not a developer.

Also, you can't create a content type that dynamically  selects another
content based on some choice item. The choice column  within a content type
provides you the option to collect one of several choices to populate that
particular metadata field about that item. It does not then provide you with
subsequent alternate options based upon your choice.



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