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  Question Asked By: Ganesh Kulkarni   on Jun 05 In Sharepoint Category.

Question Answered By: Jarod Mathews   on Jun 05

The challenge is that there are *multiple* forms  related to
Compensation, multiple  forms related to Benefits, as well as other HR
forms unrelated to either of those categories. So I want the ability
to tag all HR forms as such (distinct from other forms such as
Finance, Marketing, etc. in the library), and also to query/group
them by type  in varying levels of granularity. That's why the HR Form
Type and Benefit form  Type are choice columns--there isn't just one
form for either category. We've got medical benefits forms, dental
benefits forms, etc.

I tried to create a content  type called Benefit Form (with no
template associated because there isn't just one), child of HR Form
(can't be a child of HR Form Type because that's a column), and add
the Benefit Form Type column  to it. I added the Benefit Form content
type to the library (where HR Form has already been added). However,
when I upload a document, HR Form and Benefits Form then appear in
the same dropdown  menu as peers (not in a dynamic  hierarchy with the
HR Form prompting for a form type selection that would include
benefits form as one of my choices). Also, selecting benefits form
did not cause the benefits form type column to apear.

Thanks for the ongoing conversation. There just has to be a way to do
this--I can't think that what I'm trying to accomplish is all that



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