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  Question Asked By: Urjita Vichare   on Oct 04 In MOSS Category.

Question Answered By: Virendar Bahudur   on Oct 04

I would recommend changing your Reporting Services to a different port number than the default 80 since this is also leveraged by SharePoint as you have seen. Simply run the Reporting Services Configuration Manager, connect to the instance, go to the Web Service URL, and change the TCP port from the default 80 to a different value. Since you are currently using Native mode for SSRS 2008 you will then want to review the Report Manager URL settings and modify them accordingly.

You will now access the Report server  with the following URL --> http://servername:'port#'/reportserver

Just to let you know, SSRS 2008 no longer depends on IIS anymore. When you go to the Integrated Mode that will not resolve the port number issue.