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  Question Asked By: Lacy Barker   on Jan 26 In MOSS Category.

Question Answered By: Jonathan Scott   on Jan 26

So, is there any reason not to enable the publishing
feature? I don't think we were planning on it (it's just a site for
different groups to use for collaboration), but if it doesn't hurt
anything, I suppose we could.

I wasn't aware that work you do using SPD can eventually be deployed
across the farm. So you don't have to do the work in Visual Studio?
It can be done in SPD and exported to be used in Features and
Solutions? That is helpful!

So essentially I could edit a copy of the master  page (or even
create a new one based off of Heather Solomon's "clean" one) using
SPD, and give it to my IT Dept. to globally deploy it via
features/solutions? That would result in a completely ghosted,
updateable/upgradeable environment?

Whenever I hear that there's no harm because you can always roll
back (reset to site definition), I think, "Why even bother making
the changes in the first place, then? If I would eventually plan to
roll it back and lose my changes anyway." But if I can keep my SPD
work and use it globally, that changes everything.

So I guess SPD isn't so bad after all! ;) Am I understanding that



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