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  Question Asked By: Lacy Barker   on Jan 26 In MOSS Category.

Question Answered By: Asia Meyers   on Jan 26

There are actually two publishing features, one at the site
collection level and one at the site level. Publishing Infrastructure,
the one at the site collection level is what adds the ability to inherit
master pages  from the top level master  page gallery of the site
collection. Publishing at the site level then adds a requirement to use
layout pages, approval, scheduling, etc. for publishing. Some people
turn on Publishing Infrastructure to gain the master page feature
without using Publishing on any site in the site collection. It doesn't
hurt anything, but the added infrastructure does add some additional
complexity that requires more training to use properly. For example,
once its turned on sites in the site collection can only see master
pages in the top level master page gallery, not in their own master page
gallery. As long as you understand that its not a problem. If you
don't it can make you crazy.



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